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From Crafter to Amarok–
a decade with lots of new vehicles.


Operations begin at the new paint shop in the Poznan factory. The total investment for this amounts to 140 million euros.

The 2002 truck production line presented by Volkswagen Truck and Bus South America Operations at the "International Transport Show" in São Paulo in November offers many innovations. 20 different model versions with more than 200 equipment options are available. In addition, "customised trucks" are assembled entirely to specific customer requirements. The variety of options is the result of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles' manufacturing policy: the product must be adapted to the customer, not vice versa.

The factory celebrates its fifth birthday in November 2001, and produces its 200,000th vehicle since the launch of the first VW truck in Brazil (1981).


In the course of restructuring Volkswagen AG, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles becomes the third pillar of the Group on 1st January. All commercial vehicle products from Volkswagen AG are managed by the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brand with its headquarters in Hannover.
The Hannover and Poznan factories are further expanded for the production of the new T5 Transporter and town delivery van generations. A total of 1 billion euros is invested in this.

In June it is decided that the Microbus, a new interpretation of the MPV and leisure vehicle, is to be built at the Hannover site. Within the framework of the 5000 x 5000 project, 1,500 new jobs will be created in Hannover in the near future. Production of the vehicle, which mainly targets the American market, is to begin at the end of 2006.

A new cooperation contract is signed with DaimlerChrysler in September for the joint development of the LT/Sprinter successor model, the market launch of which is planned for 2006. The new "CarePort" service package is presented at the Commercial Vehicles IAA in Hannover. It is tailored to both individual retail and trade customers and fleet owners of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. The brand therefore also takes a new approach in the services segment.


Production of the new Transporter and Multivan generation starts at the Hannover and Poznan plants which have been modernised and restructured in the course of the past few years. Readers of "Auto Motor Sport" again voted the predecessor model, the T4, "Best vehicle of the year in the van category" in February 2003 – more or less as a "farewell present".

Series production of the new Multivan starts on 3rd March. After 13 years, the T4 – up to now the measure of all things for transporters, MPVs and leisure vehicles – receives a more than worthy successor. The new Multivan and Transporter ranges are now independent, distinctly separate models.

The new California is shown for the first time in August at the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon. Revolutionary features on this model include the lightweight construction of the furniture using Aluwell and the electro-hydraulic elevating roof – also made of aluminium. For the first time, the California is manufactured under the direction of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and from 2004 onwards is built in a new small plant in Hannover-Limmer.

The new Caddy makes its first public appearance in October at the RAI in Amsterdam. This top-notch van for tradesmen moves out of the background and now takes a front seat: the town delivery van, which is equipped with the latest Golf V and Touran technology, combines two cars in one. The practical Caddy is an affordable allrounder with versatile equipment making it an interesting proposition as a commercial vehicle and for price-conscious families.

It is offered as a Delivery Van with a sliding door on each side or as a family-friendly Kombi – and with up to seven seats. It is larger and has more flexible equipment than any other vehicle in its class. In contrast to its predecessors, the third generation of the Caddy is developed under the direction of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and produced solely in Poznan, Poland for the European market.


A new year, a new model: the new Caddy is launched at the beginning of 2004 and develops into a story of success for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.


Volkswagen completes half a century at Hannover-Stöcken: the Volkswagen Hannover plant celebrates its 50th anniversary. Production of the Transporter began in 1956.

Again in our anniversary year, we do not look back but concentrate on the future: production of the Crafter begins after the last LT2 leaves the production line. The Crafter is the successor model of the LT.


Not long after the 50th anniversary of the Volkswagen Hanover plant, another milestone birthday is imminent. "60 years of the VW Bulli" is celebrated during the first weekend in October. More than 71,000 visitors attend the international VW Bus Meeting in Hanover. Prominent guests celebrate with us at the exhibition grounds. The absolute climax of the programme of entertainment is the appearance of the legendary rock band "The Who". Equally impressive are the 5,100 VW buses and VW Transporters that find their way to the capital of Lower Saxony. The VW Bus event starts with 150 historical models driving in convoy through the city centre of Hanover.


Historical success. For the first time in the history of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles the annual sales figure exceeds half a million. A figure of exactly 503,025 is registered for vehicles delivered to customers in the course of the year – 2.9 per cent more than in the previous year. The best selling product is the T5 range (Transporter and Multivan) with a total of 178,000 vehicles delivered to customers. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is able to further consolidate its position as market leader in Europe with a sales total of 332,372 light commercial vehicles and an increase of 1.1 per cent for vehicles delivered to customers.


Volkswagen sells its Brazilian truck division at the beginning of the new year. VW Trucks & Buses is taken over by MAN.

The Transporter breaks the one million barrier: the one millionth Transporter of the fifth generation leaves the Hannover production line. The anniversary vehicle is a Transporter Delivery Van, 1.9 l TDI 62 kW, with a Tornado Red paint finish. This success does not, however, mean that we can rest on our laurels: start of production for the revised version of the T5 model range is scheduled for the same year. The market launch of the new Transporter, the new Multivan, the new Caravelle and the new California takes place only shortly afterwards.


Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles launches the Amarok, the brand's fourth model range, and enters the pickup segment. Production of the new model range starts in Pacheco in Argentina. During the year, a decision is made to manufacture the contingent of Amarok vehicles for Europe in Hannover. Production is to start in 2012.

The revised version of the Caddy is presented in late summer. Like the existing third generation, the new Caddy will be built only in Poznan, Poland. Production begins in September.

During the course of this year, innovative BlueMotion Technology measures are being installed in an increasing number of models. These measures have enabled Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles to cut fuel consumption in vehicles with BlueMotion Technology by an average of 0.5 l per 100 km.